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Our Services:

Accounts Receivable

Process invoices to your clients and provide you with monthly aged reports.

Help you with collecting overdue accounts.

Data Entry

Enter your data according to the accounting system that is in place for your business or we can set you up from the start.

Accounts Payable

Provide you with an overview of all outstanding invoices owing to your suppliers.
Prioritize your payables on a timely basis, whether you are using computerized or hand-written cheques.


Maintain your payroll records, issue pay cheques, Records of Employments, and T4s as required.

Petty Cash

To make sure none of your "smaller expenses" are missed, we will reconcile your petty cash account.

Bank Reconciliation

Balance your bank accounts and credit card statements and Lines of Credit.
All electronic transactions, transfer of funds between bank accounts, loans and bank service charges will be recorded.

Financial Statements

Monthly financial statements include a Profit & Loss (Income) Statement, a Balance Sheet and a Trial Balance.
Sales Income, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable reports are also provided.
A Cash Flow or a comparison of Budget to Actual transactions can be prepared.
A review of your General Ledger detail to ensure data is being coded correctly.

Remittances for payroll, PST and GST

Government remittances are prepared in a timely manner, while ensuring all information is recorded accurately and concisely.

Job Costing / Class Coding

Improve your bottom line by tracking all expenses and revenues as they pertain to a specific job's budget and its profitability.
A statement of Profit & Loss by Job will be provided for you on a monthly basis.

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